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Description of the Apartment

The apartment that we rent is in the center of the Vedado. Appreciate a contact with Cuban people: If you stay in a big Hotel in the beach, you will never have an opportunity to speak and make Cuban friends. You will only be to workers of the hotel and other tourists, then it will miss the main attraction of the Island, THEIR PEOPLE. Also, is more cheaper to lodge in a private room that to stay in a hotel. This doesn't mean that you will be less comfortable, on the contrary, many people prefer this type of domestic atmosphere to the cold functionality of a big hotel. Also, through the regular interaction with the person of the house you could learn Spanish. Pictures of the apartament.

The Apartment is completely independent and private, very near to all the places of interest in this area of the Havana. The owner is the Mrs. Dalia Herrera Morales. It can get ready the laundry service and ironing of clothes, as well as the breakfasts. The local calls are free. The place is beautiful, clean and comfortable. You will have television, cook well equipped, team of audio with a lot of Cuban music, two bathrooms with hot water, two private rooms and air conditioning in the whole apartment.

If you want to make your stay in Havana, take advantage of the frehness that offers a cozy and confortable flat at down town. A private, air conditioning flat with balcony and nice panoramic view.
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Description of the Area

Vedado: Is the most popular area in new Havana and is 25 minutes far walking from Old Havana there you can find nice accommodations that cost from 25 to 40 dollars/night . Here you will be in the midst of Havana's night life. In Vedado, you will have the benefit of being in the heart of Havana, with a lot small private restaurants (paladares) and other many interesting places for tourists.


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